• Bike Roof Racks
    Bike Roof Racks
    Rooftop bike racks are a great way to transport your bike anyplace you want to go, whether you choose to leave the front tyre on or take it off.  If you have a larger vehicle, you can usually carry more bikes on your roof than on a hitch-mounted rack.
  • Bike Hitch
    Bike Hitch
    Your car and bicycle will be the best of friends with our towbar hitch bike racks. Depending on what you’re after, we have tilt and swing racks which give you easy vehicle access.
  • Tow Ball Bike Racks
    Tow Ball Bike Racks
    Use your tow ball to carry up to four bikes on a tow bar mounted bike carrier  and go wherever you want. It’s super easy: just click and go. If you’re transporting heavy bikes or e-bikes on your next trip, a tow ball bike rack is the perfect choice!
  • Bike Ute Tray
    Bike Ute Tray
    Transform your truck bed into the ultimate Ute bike rack with our Ute tray accessories. An empty truck or Ute bed is a versatile storage area. Leaving your bicycles, kayaks, and skis in that vast, cavernous space isn’t always easy or safe. Yakima has the right accessories for you to create usable storage in your truck for all your outdoor gear so that both your truck and your gear stay protected and safe.
  • Bike Boot / Hatch
    Bike Boot / Hatch
    Bike Boot Hatch, Bike Racks fit on car Boot or Hatch. If you don’t have a tow bar and prefer not to load your bike on the roof of the car, then boot bike racks are a good choice. These bike racks are easy to install. Perfect for family bike trips or road biking.
  • Bike Spare Tyre
    Bike Spare Tyre
    Spare Tyre Bike Rack attaches your bike on spare Tyre. If you have a spare tire on the rear of your vehicle, don't let it spoil your bike riding and  choose Yakima's premium bike carrying options.
  • Accessories
    Accessories of Bike Rack. Make the most of your bike riding, with Yakima bike accessories. Fork adaptors, deadlocks and other accessories to enhance your riding each day, week and month.