Atera RTD 110cm Silver/Black Cross Bar For Flush Rails

PRODUCT #048510/048610

Very low built roof rack for vehicles with freestanding railing. For all carrier attachments and roof boxes. Various carrier tubes and loading widths. No kit adjustment necessary when changing cars.

Aesthetics and functionality form a competent entity with the Aero Profile and Signo RT. With the Aero Profile, Atera precedes in efficiency and force measurement . The minimization of wind resistance and fuel consumption are impressive. Stability and safety are further enhanced. With its clear design, the Signo RT is the shapeliest connection to the vehicle design.  The universal adjusting range makes the Signo RT fit on all vehicles with roof rails.



Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box PAY IN STORE


  • Premium roof bars for all vehicles with roof rails with outer clamping ridge.
  • The pre-assembled Signo RTD with Aero Profile bars simply needs to be attached to the roof flush rails.
  • No tools are needed to align the Signo RTD to the vehicle width. The alignment can be reached through back- and forth movement of the leg supports. Afterwards, you only need to open the sliding lid (see picture) and you can easily fix the position of the leg support with the Atera torque wrench with T-handle.

General Information:

  • User-friendly complete carrier. All components are pre-assembled in one package and quickly attached to the vehicle – without tools!
  • The length of the support tube is cut to the specific width of the vehicle and is ready for your vehicle.
  • Maximum load capacity: 100 kg. The maximum approved roof load of the manufacturer must be observed.
  • Perfect contact pressure on the flush rails with the supplied Atera torque wrench.
  • Anti-theft device with integrated lock.
  • Surface protection by the rubberized clamping jaws.
  • Horizontal alignment of the support tubes: increases the frictional connection.
  • Material: Glass fibre reinforced plastic / aluminium / rubber lips.
  • Suitable accessories: Most of the carrier attachments, water sports carriers, bicycle roof carriers, ski and snowboard carriers
  • Loading width: approx. 110cm.
  • tupian test

    Suitable for vehicles:
    Fiesta Active Reling 05/2018 –

    Mokka Reling 11/2012 – 10/2016
    Mokka X Reling 10/2016 – 02/2021
    Astra Sports Tourer Reling 11/2010 – 04/2016

    Altea XL Reling 12/2006 –
    Altea Freetrack Reling 01/2008 –
    Ibiza ST Reling 07/2010 –

    Fabia Combi Reling 01/2015 –
    Kamiq Reling 09/2019 –

    Auris Touring Sports Reling 08/2013 –

    Up Cross Reling 09/2013 –
    Polo Cross Reling 06/2010 –
    Golf VI Plus Reling 03/2009 – 05/2014
    Golf Sportsvan Reling 05/2014 –
    Golf VII Alltrack Reling 04/2015 – 12/2020
    Golf VII Variant Reling 08/2013 – 12/2020
    Golf VIII Reling 12/2020 –
    Tiguan Reling 11/2007 – 04/2016
    Taigo 12/2021 –
    and all the raised rsils diatance between 94cm-105cm:
    tupian test

    Learn more about product features and installation:

    Download Instruction

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