BaseLine FX Legs Pack of 2 #9813012

PRODUCT #9813012

Is your vehicle roof looking a bit naked? Add BaseLine FX, an advanced roof rack leg that integrates with JetStream FX bars for a flush look with no bar overhang so your vehicle will have a clean, modern aesthetic. The easy-to-adjust design means it adapts to the shape of your vehicle’s roof for a secure, ready-to-load roof rack.

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  • Secure, easy-to-use leg specifically designed for cars without roof rails or gutters
  • Compatible with JetStream FX Bars (Flush)
  • Complements your vehicle’s aerodynamic styling
  • Pitch and tow adjustments to mimic the curvature of a vehicle’s roof for a stronger and even better aerodynamic fit
  • Advanced leg architecture is sleek, strong and quiet
  • Tough steel chassis with high rust resistant black zinc nickel coating
  • Fully adjustable to ensure strong fit and to accommodate a large range of naked roof shapes
  • Made from durable ASA plastic for high wear and weather resistance
  • All components REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Easily locks with included Same Key System (SKS) locks
  • Locks are hidden for a more aesthetically pleasing look

General Information:

    Name: BaseLine FX Legs Pack of 4
    City Crash Tested: Yes
    Product Weight: 2 kg
    Packaged Weight (Gross): 3 kg
    Max 75 kg per pair with JetStream FX Bars *

    Please refer to the vehicle manufacturer specifications for max load capacity of vehicle. The lowest load rating applies.

    Product Load Rating (kg): 75 kg
    Maximum on-road rating (kg): 75
    Packaged Length: 31 cm
    Packaged Width: 23 cm
    Packaged Height: 13 cm
    Warranty (AU/NZ) Limited Lifetime Warranty

Learn more about product features and installation:

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