Bed Track Kit 1 (Toyota/Nissan) #8001168

PRODUCT #8001168

This simple kit easily adapts our OverHaul HD™ and OutPost HD™ truck rack systems to work seamlessly with Toyota and Nissan factory utility tracks* without sacrificing the rack’s 226 kg on-road carry capacity or its exclusive new 136 kg Yakima offroad rating.

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Designed specifically for OverHaul HD and OutPost HD truck rack systems*
Complete kit that works on Toyota and Nissan trucks with factory utility tracks
Built to last with aluminum and corrosion-resistant hardware
Maintains both OverHaul HD and OutPost HD 226 kg on-road and 136 kg offroad ratings

General Information:

SKU 8001168
Dimensions L 40.6 cm x W 11.4 cm x H 6.4 cm
Weight 4.8 kg
226 kg on-road capacity
Up to 136 kg offroad capacity

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