Yakima roof rack fitting kit K670 is designed for BMW X1 (F48),BMW X3,BMW X4,BMW X5 with factory flush rails. As a part of a whole set of roof rack, A Fitting Kit is often required to secure the roof rack to your car perfectly. It’s designed and tested to ensure the specified vehicle has the best fitment possible. Yakima / Prorack fitting kits are interchangeable and fit both through bars and flush bars. Thousands of Yakima / Prorack fitting kits are available to plug into the Smart-foot system.

Is this K670 Fitting KIT the right model for your vehicle? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! And we will double check and help you to find the perfect roof rack for your car.

One more option for you: The German brand Atera has the professional solution for your car as well, Its Atera RTD racks are designed for vehicles that come with factory flush rails. Atera RTD roof racks are made in Germany, and suit most flush rails with outer clamping ridge. Its universal adjustment range enables the adaptation to almost any flush rails. Atera RTD racks are pre-assembled and ready for installation, and you’ll be done in a couple of minutes! Further more, the distance of the cross bars is adjustable! Click here to get more details and features of the RTD racks.

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  • Yakima Fitting kit K670 is designed for BMW X1 (F48),BMW X3,BMW X4,BMW X5 with factory flush rails.
  • Roof rack fitting kit K670 is compatible with Yakima Aero bar, FlushBar and Through Bar, Prorack cross bar, Heavy Duty bar and Yakima TrimHD bar. These bars are sold separately.
  • Flush Rail fit
  • Designed to suit specific vehicle/s – BMW X1 (F48),BMW X3,BMW X4,BMW X5 roof rack. Different vehicles require different rack systems.
  • Roof Rack Smartfoot technology

General Information:

    Package dimensions: L 36.00 cm x W 16.30 cm x H 7.10 cm
    BMW X1 (F48), 5dr SUV 16-18
    BMW X1 (F48), 5dr SUV 16-Sep 19
    BMW X1 (F48), 5dr SUV 19+
    BMW X1 (F48), 5dr SUV Oct 19+
    BMW X3, 5dr SUV 10-14
    BMW X3, 5dr SUV 10-May 14
    BMW X3, 5dr SUV 11-17
    BMW X3, 5dr SUV 14-17
    BMW X3, 5dr SUV 14-Oct 17
    BMW X3, 5dr SUV Jun 14-Oct 17
    BMW X4, 5dr SUV 14+
    BMW X5, 5dr SUV 14-18
    BMW X5 (F15), 5dr SUV 13-18
    BMW X5 (F15), 5dr SUV 14-18
    BMW X5, 5dr SUV 18+
    BMW X5, 5dr SUV 19+

    For more details please check the instruction.

Learn more about product features and installation:

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