LockNLoad Permanent Mount Kit Pack of 4 #9831034

PRODUCT #9831034

Create the ultimate LockNLoad system by mounting this uniquely customised universal track system to your vehicle. Designed to attach on your vehicle roof, allowing for the installation of roof bars and accessories without requiring a full length of track. The LockNLoad Permanent Mount Kit provides a stable base for your LockNLoad Crossbars or Platform.

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Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box PAY IN STORE


  • Available in packs of two and four.
  • 160 mm rail length to accommodate LockNLoad Mk1 and Mk2 legs.
  • Multi-fit hardware solution (fits fibreglass and plastic canopies, metal vehicle roofs, etc.)

General Information:

    SKU: 9831034
    Weight: 2 kg

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