LockNLoad Track Kit #8000315 LNL KIT HILUX MK7 DC 2005-15

PRODUCT #8000315

Custom Track Kit designed for TOYOTA HILUX MK7 DC 2005-15

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  • Designed for specific model, looks like the original track.
  • A track installation consists of permanently drilled and installed tracks that run the length of the vehicle roof.
  • The roof rack/Platform then sits in those tracks and has the freedom to move forward or backward.
  • Allows for roof rack spread variation for different lengths of mounts and gear.
  • Please ensure you check vehicle load ratings prior to fitment.
  • Sun roof tilt option CANNOT be operated when roof bars are installed.
  • Note:
    We don’t recommend drilling into your vehicle on your own. Although it is not difficult, mistakes can be costly.

    As a custom installer, RoofRackandBox – We’ve Got You Covered!
    Ring us on 03-87741371 to inquire about the solution, get a quote, confirm the stock, and make an appointment!

    General Information:


    Length:125 cm
    Width:5 cm
    Height:7.5 cm
    Weight:1.53 kg

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