Platform H #9820344

PRODUCT #9820344

Width:1570mm  Length: 2128mm

Recommended size for:

  • TOYOTA LC75 SERIES WAGON 1984-1999(Gutter-150mm Mount)
  • TOYOTA LC76 SERIES WAGON 2007+(Gutter-150mm Mount)
  • Suitable for:
    TOYOTA HIACE 2016+ (Gutter-150mm Mount)

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    Mount Types:

    Mount Type 1

    Platform Solution

    Mount Type 1: Ruggedline + Track Mount
    Note: Platform + Specific Track KIT + Specific Ruggedline
    Attaches with permanment tracks riveted to roof. Ruggedline and Platform can be removed.

    Mount Type 2

    Platform Solution

    Mount Type 2: Track Legs + Track Mount
    Note: Platform + Specific Track KIT + Fixed Point & Track legs

    Mount Type 3

    Platform Solution

    Mount Type 3: Raised Rail/Flush Rail Mount
    Note: Platform + Raised Rail Platform Legs/Flush Rail Legs +Flush Rail Platform Mount Kit
    Rail Legs and Platform can be removed.

    Mount Type 4

    Platform Solution

    Mount Type 4: Fixed Point Mount/ Gutter Mount
    Platform + Specific Fixed Point&Track Legs+ LockNLoad Fixed Point Kit
    Gutter Mount: Platform + Gutter Mount Legs (Different height:110mm #8000350; 150mm #8000351; 210mm #8000352.)
    Platform can be removed.

    Mount Type 5

    Platform Solution

    Mount Type 5: direct to Crossbars, and more solution!
    Platform + Bracket+ Crossbars

    one set brackets will attach directly to your roof rack (crossbars)
    These crossbar clamps can attach the LockNLoad Platform any type of roof rack crossbar.
    The ability to offset clamps across roof racks, combined with LockNLoad Platform’s pivot mount system, means multi-bar setups can be catered for.

    More details of the cross bar clamps please click here.


    The Yakima LockNLoad Platform is now available pre-assembled and has more sizes and fits for more vehicles than ever! The innovative east-west slats enable you to carry all types of gear and built-in perimeter channels allow additional positions to mount your accessories.
    Constructed from powdercoated aluminium with superior e-coating that gives the LockNLoad Platform the best performance in the toughest conditions.

    General Information:

    Pre-assembled for fast installation.
    The unique and versatile LockN’Load Platform allows you to carry your touring or off-road gear with ease.
    15+ Sizes to choose from to suite different configurations and vehicle look
    Greater flexibility when choosing accessories
    More tie down options and better load distribution.

    We can fit for you. Ring us on 03-87741371 to inquire about the solution, get a quote, confirm the stock, and make an appointment!

    RoofRackandBox – We’ve Got You Covered!

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