Recovery Track Mount #8001164

PRODUCT #8001164

The new Recovery Track Mount is a smart, quick, secure way to keep recovery tracks on hand and within reach. Now you can deploy them whenever you need traction. Easy to install and use, this mount is designed to work with Truck Collection’s HD Bars and SideBar™—along with most other T-slot crossbars.

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Holds up to four Exitrax, MAXTRAX MKII™, TRED Pro™ or TRED 800/1100™ recovery tracks
Durable molded base is built for rugged travel in a range of conditions
Tracks stay secure with Yakima Heavy-Duty Straps for a confident hold on rugged terrain
Attaches to the SideBar™ accessory on the OverHaul HD™ or OutPost HD™ and to the HD Bar or other T-slot style crossbars
Includes hardware for both HD Bar (top and bottom T-Slot) and standard T-slot crossbars
Requires 20–35″ (49–89 cm) crossbar spread range (unless paired with SideBar)
Easy on-off placement in minutes with our patent-pending

General Information:

SKU: 8001164
Dimensions: L 25.4 cm x W 7.6 cm x H 29.2 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Capacity: 16 kg load capacity

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