RoadShower Extra Long Hose 214CM#8881251

PRODUCT #8881251

RoadShower Extra Long Hose 214CM#8881251. Bring the luxury of a shower to the outdoors by adding the extra long hose to your RoadShower (214cm). The 214 cm extra long hose fits both the 15 L and 26 L RoadShower.

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    RoadShower Extra Long Hose (214 cm)

    Attaches to the on/off elbow on the RoadShower with quick connect hardware for easy install and removal.
    Provides additional length for those hard to reach places.
    Fits both the 15 L and 26 L RoadShower .
    Limited 1 year warranty

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    SKU: 8881251
    Weight: 0.3 kg
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