Rooftop Bike Rack GIRO Speed

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Rooftop Bike Rack GIRO Speed is a German Atera brand bike roof carrier with fork fixation for racing- and/or mountain-bikes. With the Atera Giro Speed Bike Rack, it’s all about speed. Mounted within seconds, the fork fixing and the wheel-protection wheel holder will bring you on the road in high-speed.

If you want to be free, explore the unknown, and bike on distant roads, you need a bike rack to get you there. We know that everyone’s needs are unique, and that different bike styles and different car models require different bike rack solutions. To start, make sure your vehicle type and the number of bikes you plan on carrying are factored in when deciding what type of rack to use. You can choose to load your bikes on a roof rack or onto the rear of the vehicle on a trunk-mounted or towbar bike rack.
Rooftop bike racks have a stylish, sporty design and fit almost all bike dimensions. They can be fork-mounted, wheel-mounted and frame-mounted:
Fork-mounted roof bike racks:
An iconic, sporty bike rack solution that attaches to the dropout or thru-axle of your fork when you remove the front wheel. This attachment method ensures secure transport and zero frame contact for carbon fiber frames.
Frame-mounted roof bike racks:
These upright roof bike racks attach to the frame so that you don’t have to remove the front wheel.
Wheel-mounted roof bike racks:
These bike racks attach to the wheel of your bike which ensures zero-frame contact if you have a carbon fiber bike, for example.

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Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box PAY IN STORE


  • Item-no.: 082 221
  • Completely pre-assembled
  • No presetting necessary
  • Safe and quick fixation
  • No tools required
  • For carbon forks please obtain the manufacturer’s approval
  • Not for bikes with thru axle
  • Wheel protection rear wheel holder
  • Anti-theft protection
  • City Crash certified
  • Front wheel holder matching Giro Speed, sold separately.Item NO.082223

General Information:

  • WEIGHT: 2,2 kg lightweight
  • The Giro AF holds round frames from 22 to 80 mm and oval frames up to 100 x 80 mm.
  • LOAD CAPACITY: 1 bike. up to 17KG.
  • FITS: Atera bars, YAKIMA, THULE, RHINO RACK, Whispbar, square and factory crossbars with T-slot channel.

Learn more about product features and installation:

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