Yakima SuperJoe 3 #8002614

PRODUCT #8002614

Yakima SuperJoe 3 bike rack #8002614 makes adding a boot/hatch style rack to your hatchback, minivan or SUV a breeze. The QuickTrigger II™ hub system makes installation fast and easy while StableCradles II™ hold your bikes firmly in place while driving. Yakima SuperJoe 3 bike boot/hatch carrier is designed for value-conscious riders who still want bomber steel construction and anti-sway cradles for extra bike protection. And unlike certain caped vigilantes, the SuperJoe is completely invulnerable to Kryptonite. This category of bike racks is perfect for cyclists who ride less often, who don’t have a tow bar on their car or don’t want to lift the bike up on the car roof.This style of racks are foldable, and store easily when not in use, which makes them a great option for cyclists who ride infrequently or have limited storage space in their garage or home.

If you want to be free, explore the unknown, and bike on distant roads, you need a bike rack to get you there. We know that everyone’s needs are unique, and that different bike styles and different car models require different bike rack solutions. To start, make sure your vehicle type and the number of bikes you plan on carrying are factored in when deciding what type of rack to use. You can choose to load your bikes on a roof rack or onto the rear of the vehicle on a trunk-mounted bike rack, tow bar/hitch mounted bike rack or tow ball mounted bike carrier.

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Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box Roof Rack and Box PAY IN STORE


    QuickTrigger™ hub system makes installing your boot/hatch style bike carrier a snap
    Narrow arm design fits a wide variety of bike frames
    Integrated StableCradles™ hold your bikes firmly in place
    Padded feet protect your vehicle’s paint job
    Glass hatch hook included
    Optional TUBETOP™ allows you to carry a variety of bike frames (sold separately)
    3 bike capacity

General Information:

    SKU: 8002614
    Dimensions: L 81.3 cm x W 41.9 cm x H 16.5 cm
    Weight: 5.7 kg
    Capacity: 3 bike capacity
    MAX. weight: 13.6 kg per bike
    Total MAX. bike weight 41 kg

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