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PRODUCT #8004051

The Yakima Wavehog – it’s all the pads, straps and nose/tail tie downs you need to get your boards to the beach. Without the proper equipment, getting surf boards to the beach can be a hassle, and even dangerous. Luckily the Wavehog system can be installed easily without tools and secures up to 3 surfboards to your roof racks quickly. Includes the Yakima SUPBrah and two SKS lockable RipCords all in one conveniently wrapped package. Now get out there!

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    Holds up to 3 boards, piggy-back style
    Includes a pair of lockable 3.7m steel-reinforced Yakima Ripcord straps with SKS lock cores
    Includes a pair of 41 cm wide EVA-molded Yakima Soulpads for a cushy ride
    Includes SUPBrah nose/tail tie-down for added board stability on the highway
    Rubber covered buckles for vehicle and board protection
    Fits round, square, and most factory crossbars right out of the box

    Q: Do I always need to use the bow and stern tie downs/SUPBrah?
    A: Absolutely. The combination of your board being shaped like a big wing and the force of the air hitting against it on a moving vehicle can be enough to yank your boards and rack clean off. Bow and Stern tie downs eliminate this possibility. Take the 5 minutes to install bow and stern tie downs and avoid a bad end to the day.

    Q: Do I need to use the bow and stern tie downs/SUPBrah even if I have a shorter board?
    A: Yep. Use this general rule: If you have a board that extends past where the glass meets the roof use bow and stern tie downs.

    Q: What does the SUP in SUPBrah stand for?
    A: Stand Up Paddleboard

General Information:

    SKU: 8004051
    Weight: 2.2 kg
    Capacity: Up to 3 boards (piggy-back style)

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