Yakima JustClick 2 Bike Rack #8002493

PRODUCT #8002493

Yakima JustClick 2 Bike Rack Tow bar Bike Carrier, mounted on 50mm tow ball, comes with number plate holder, rear lights and 7 pin flat plug (wiring kit). With space for two bikes and the ability to add a third, this tow ball carrier is a technical marvel for all cyclists. The simple “Just Click” system makes it easy and secure to mount to your vehicle’s tow ball. Created with the future in mind, it is capable of carrying electric bikes. Yakima JustClick 2 Bike Rack, integrated wheels allow you to transport and store with ease; integrated locking system means you have peace of mind when you leave your bikes on the car. Its trump card is the ability to fold down to occupy a very small space, so that you can just leave it in your boot for when you need it.

If you want to be free, explore the unknown, and bike on distant roads, you need a bike rack to get you there. We know that everyone’s needs are unique, and that different bike styles and different car models require different bike rack solutions. You can choose to load your bikes on a roof rack or onto the rear of the vehicle on a trunk-mounted or tow bar/ tow ball mounted bike rack.
Why you should choose a towbar / tow ball bike rack? This category of bike carriers is perfect for families or a group of friends with e-bikes, if you want to spend time on the forest trail or experience downhill racing. If you have an e-vehicle that can’t handle a lot of weight on the roof, or if you want a super aerodynamic solution to save on fuel consumption, a tow bar / tow ball mounted bike rack is an excellent choice.

Tow bar-mounted bike racks are the most common style of bike carriers and are a great option if you already have a tow bar on your vehicle, or plan on installing one. These bike racks can carry 1 to 4 bikes, are easy to mount, and limit heavy and high lifting. Some can tilt even with the bikes loaded for complete trunk access.

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    Extendable wheel tray to suit most frame sizes
    Integrated wheels allow you to transport and store with ease
    “Just Click” onto the tow ball and the red/green indicator confirms secure attachment
    Carries tyre sizes 83 mm (3.25″) wide
    Elevated rear tray allows for optimum bike positioning
    Convenient drive-up ramp for electric bikes (sold separately)
    Optional extension for extra bike (sold separately)
    Includes Integrated Lock System
    Convenient tilting system allows for access to rear of vehicle
    Fitted with 7-pin flat plug

General Information:

    SKU: 8002493
    Dimensions: L 58 cm x W 100 cm x H 77 cm
    Weight: 17.3 kg
    Capacity: 2 bike capacity
    Total MAX. bike weight 58 kg
    City Crash Tested: Yes
    Maximum Wheelbase Compatibility 1250 mm

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