For customers that buy their side awnings from other retailers, such as 4WD Supa Centre or Anaconda etc., we fit them for just $40.00
Batwing, Foxwing, 270 degree awnings can be fitted from just $60.00

Side Awning Side Awning Yakima 270 Side Awning Brackets 270 Side Awning Yakima


Depending on the style of tent, our fitting service starts from as low as $95.00 for the light weight pop up tents.
Fold open tents fitted from as low as $120.00, and the extra heavy tents that need 3 bars to sit on can be fitted for $190.00.

Roof Top Tent1 Roof Top Tent2 Roof Top Tent3 Roof Top Tent4

Roof Racks From $40

Fitting cross bars purchased from other retailers or online, will cost from $40.00

Custom Fit / Drilling Holes ETC. $95/HOUR

If you need custom tracks fitted, or permanent mount bars, etc. We offer this service for $95.00 per hour.
If the product is purchased elsewhere and brought to us for fitting, there will be an extra $60.00 + what ever the hourly charge totals.